Word of the day:


I had another post written… and I seriously drifted off topic so badly, that I just deleted it!

How convenient, that I Would go adrift, while writing a blog about the word adrift..

It’s like adrift inception… Adriftception?  I think it would be an awful movie, to be fair… I doubt Leo would do it…

Anywho, The one point I made in my original post, that I think was valid is this:

Physically being adrift, is something that would absolutely terrify me. That feeling of not having control over your destination, is about enough to make my skin crawl.

People see pictures from space, and often comment how beautiful they are… All that’s going through my head is “How can you just, rely on speed & gravity to keep you afloat… No thanks”  I couldn’t admire the beauty of Earth, from space, because I’d be constantly freaking out about where we were going!

Another example, would be to be stuck on a powerless ship, in the middle of the ocean. That’s a situation I could not find the positive side of.. because in certain parts of the ocean, you have no reference point, but the sun… and screw that!

On the flip side of this, I’m one to happily let my mind wander… It’s where I come up with song concepts… My active imagination has its own way of running away with my thought processes, and as cool as that may sound, it sure is distracting… and sometimes frightening.


Well, relatively short post, I suppose.. I bet that’s better than having me drift off into meaningless nonsense!

Have a great day!!!


Author: joeflair

Pennsylvania Native, Husband, Father, Learning to be an accountant.. while being an accountant, part time wannabe rock star! I guess you could say I'm a jack of some trades.. Aside from music, I'm proficient with computers, I'm a home-mechanic, offroading enthusiast, a cook, gamer, and a whole mess of other things. I'm very passionate about the things i love, and brutally honest about every aspect of life.

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