It’s like they know I need to lose weight

Portion Control

Uh oh… This one’s aimed right at my gut…

Look, I’m not a mammoth of a human being, but I’m a hell of a lot heavier, than I want to be. Can I get an Amen, who isn’t?

Taking a desk job has just about been the literal death of me, and things got very real at my last annual checkup. I’m all about getting high scores in the videogame world, but blood pressure of 165/90-something is not a high score to be proud of.

So, what have I done to fix it?  I didn’t do body wraps, or THRIVE (I have my own rant about that crock of garbage), or any of these gimmicks…. I started exercising and controlling the amount of food I eat!

Now, I love food… a lot.. I love cooking it, smelling it, eating it, everything about the endless combinations is fascinating to me… Unfortunately, when both you and your wife are exceptional cooks, you tend to eat a lot. Here’s a few things I’ve tried, to curb my tendencies to overeat:

  • Buy smaller plates: This sounds ridiculous, but it works. 8″ paper plates, from Sam’s Club, are the way to go. Only fill them once, with whatever you have for dinner, and JUST EAT THAT
  • Stop Buying Lunch: Spending 6 dollars a day for lunch at work, is just ridiculous. Plan something tasty and that is healthier than your current eating habits, and stick to it!  OR, Since you didn’t eat so much for dinner, take some of those delicious leftovers!
  • Cut Down On Drinking: I’m no alcoholic, but I do love to unwind with a tasty beverage in the evening. Whiskey and Vodka don’t have the calories that beer does, but mixing it with coke is waaaay worse. If you HAVE to have a drink, try mixing it with Coke Zero, Pepsi Max, or Sprite Zero. Less calories and sugar = less fat.
  • Stop Eating Garbage: I know, you work hard. You don’t feel like cooking, and it’s just easier to order out. Not only is it expensive, it’s really REALLY REALLY unhealthy.
  • Vitamins & Water: Remember, your body tells you it’s thirsty, the same way it tells you that you’re hungry. I drink about 3/4 – 1 Gallon of water A DAY.  In the same breath, you’re probably not getting all of the vitamins you need.  Find a good well-rounded multivitamin and TAKE IT EVERY DAY!

    Here’s what my wife and I started doing: She did some research and found a pile of delicious crock-pot meals, then made up a large list of ingredients (we stuck to pork, beef, and chicken proteins with similar ingredient recipes). We then went to the Grocery store, spent less than $300 (I know it sounds like a lot, just bear with me.) and managed to make 32 meals out of it, that are frozen and ready to stick in the crock pot. No extra cooking involved, just toss it in, go about your day, minimal preparation, and we eat GREAT.
    * Buy crock pot bags, they make this all so much easier.

So, there you have it. You can do it, if I can. I’m down about 10ish pounds from where I was, and as I get more active in the Spring & Summer, hopefully I can reach my goal of losing 35 pounds.

Have a great day! Sorry I kind of fell off of the face of the planet.


Author: joeflair

Pennsylvania Native, Husband, Father, Learning to be an accountant.. while being an accountant, part time wannabe rock star! I guess you could say I'm a jack of some trades.. Aside from music, I'm proficient with computers, I'm a home-mechanic, offroading enthusiast, a cook, gamer, and a whole mess of other things. I'm very passionate about the things i love, and brutally honest about every aspect of life.

10 thoughts on “It’s like they know I need to lose weight”

  1. Hey!
    I’m sorry to hear that you struggle with your weight a lot. I don’t know about this, but I heard somewhere that when you squeeze one lemon into a glass of water, drink that, wait half an hour and then eat breakfast, that it helps you loose wait because it kind of cleans out your system.
    Do not know about this, but I always do this and I actually like it. It is kind of refreshing and energizing. If you do not like the sourn ess of the lemon, add some honey. No sugar because that will make the drink bad.. honey is okay.
    I wish you all the luck and I know you can do it~

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  2. Nice work, and great advice. I’ve got the same struggle. I’ve managed to cut out buying lunch for the most part, and it’s been making a difference. Working on cutting down on those evening unwind beverages also. . .

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    1. Thanks!! Yeah, you don’t realize how bad that is for you, until it’s too late!

      Cutting down on the drinks is a real struggle (Especially being a musician who primarily plays in bars). My goal with that is to cut it down to JUST having a few drinks on the weekend.

      Quitting smoking was a big step for me too, it’s been over a year and a half and I can say THAT was the leading problem with my lack of energy.

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  3. These are some great tips!
    I was in tip top shape until I got my office job over ten years ago… I didn’t notice until it was too late but I was packing on the pounds! Now I am in my forties, so it is harder to lose (especially in those pesky areas). Then I quit smoking two years ago and I packed on more pounds.
    These days I try to get some cardio in every day (at least 30 minutes) and also, yes… the freaking eating. Smaller portions and very light on the junk food… and maybe fast food twice a year. I also drink a lot of water!

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    1. Yeah, smoking definitely contributed to both my well being and my food consumption.
      I try to walk or ride bike at lunch time (forces me to eat less.) To get some cardio in.

      I’ve been working the office at the City for about a year and a half, and it’s really tough to keep up! As I’m ending my 20’s this year, I need to get back into the shape a 30 year old man should be in

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